Wildlife biodiversity in Byblos mountains

By Christian Akhrass

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Water for life! This hybrid wasp shares the same spring with us in the summer of 2006, wasps are unharmous and common in mountains, Nabaa el hosn, Afqa- Byblos, shot taken at 3cm.

These foursome goats shares the water of Ain Braqrouqa spring, thousands of them ramble each summer into the mountains of Byblos, here in Mnaitra, shot taken at 3m dist.

Looking for trouble? of course not! This unharmous Mantis was so curious that it almost sticked into the camera lens near Qartaba village, macro shot taken at 2cm dist.

Squirels are very common in Lebanon specialy in pine and cedar forest, some like cliffs,like this sunbathing one over the village of Lassa, shot taken at 7m distance.

Vipers are dangerous and poisenous, if left alone they can be unharmous, such species can live up to 2300m, most feed from rodents, Aqoura, Jbeil, shot taken at 20cm distance.

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