Planting trees and Preserving them

By Sarah Kobeissi

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2007:This bombarded tree at the Southern border of Lebanon was becoming green again in spite of the still scorched land around it. Regrettably many other trees had a different fate

Maroun El Ras area-2011:Vast areas are still treeless in this region that suffered greatly for decades from Israeli occupation and still suffering from deprivation and carelessness

2011: Within a stone’s throw, South of Maroun El Ras town, a completely contrasting scene on the other side of the border: a well-irrigated, cultivated and wooded land.

Why all the treeless hills surrounding Maroun El Ras are still, until now, not as green as this hill in Kfar Sir- South Lebanon (March 2010)?

And why these hills are still not covered with Pine trees like these marvellous ones in Barouk (Mount Lebanon-2006)? No excuse for this continuous indifference! Don’t you agree?

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