Challenging Environmental Malpractices

By Ina Rihani

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Filthy trucks, buses, taxis, and old cars continue to cough out toxic exhaust, as they go about their business… Why is there no testing and enforcement of emission standards?

Construction debris is often left along public roadsides, or empty lots… Is this the way to do business? Shouldn’t companies be penalized with fines for such acts?

Striped Hyena is on international endangered species list, yet this one is being sold for $1,000. How to educate and enforce laws to rid the country of such ignorance and abuse?

A massive cascading wall of trash and discarded furniture spills down from the edge of a mountain road into a river bed. Who is responsible for this mess? This is unacceptable!

A dense stream of trash constantly lingers in the waves all the way to the base of this national landmark. The sea is a cesspool and a shameful sight for tourists and locals alike.

Lebanon’s nature & public areas are for EVERYBODY, and everyone has a responsibility to keep it clean! Collectively we can make impacts in our daily lives, along with industry!

Strive to make all of Lebanon beautiful! Respect the land and help build civic responsibility! Your well-being and that of Lebanon's future generations depend on it!

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