Themes & Prizes

Two prizes will be awarded for each theme: The Jury Prize awarded by the Jury, and The Public Prize selected through voting.

The jury will be formed of photography experts and environmental experts.

Nature Conservation
Challenges in Lebanon:

• The Jury Prize: 1.5 million LBP
• The Public Prize: 1.5 million LBP

Industrial Pollution
Challenges in Lebanon:

• The Jury Prize: 1.5 million LBP
• The Public Prize: 1.5 million LBP


Deadline for the submission
of your Photo-Documentary:
10 October 2011

Screening period by EFL:
10-21 October 2011

Winners' announcement:
22 October 2011 at 3:00PM
at the Unesco Palace

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 How do I enter the contest?

Choose theme

Choose one of the two competition themes:

• Nature Conservation Challenges in Lebanon

• Industrial Pollution Challenges in Lebanon

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Take photos

Take between 5 and 10 photos representing one of the two competition themes.

In order to avoid any possible problems, please remove or blur any institution's name captured in your photos and/or written in your text.

JPEG photos should be submitted. The size of each photo should be as follows: The longuest side of each photo should fit whithin 1240px pixels.

IMPORTANT: If you win, you need to submit a High Resolution version of each photo. (The longuest side of each photo should be a minimum of 2500px)

Write captions

Write a maximum of 3 lines as a caption for each photo. The text could be descriptive, stating facts, telling a point of view, or a personal story.

Don't forget that the text is as important as the photos!

Submit by October 10

Submit your photos by 10 October 2011.

We will accept the first 300 applications. Submit your photo-reportage early!

Mobilize your friends. Get them to vote to maximize your chance of winning The Public Prize.

Download THIS desktop wallpaper to serve as a constant reminder.

Join us at the Lebanese-German Environmental Forum on October 22 at 3:00 pm

We will project the top 10 best photo-reportages, and then announce the four winners. The winning photo-reportages will also be published as an EFL document and will be available on the EFL Website.



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Help us document
challenges like

Submit a photo-documentary of 5 pictures and Win!

At the Environmental Fund for Lebanon (EFL), we believe that solving a problem starts with finding its cause. That's why we need you to find and document these challenges so we can solve them together. Help us make a difference today before time runs out!

This Contest is happening in the context of the
Lebanese-German Environmental Forum.